Soy Africano

Transportive, complex rhythms and lilting guitars —all West African trademarks —meld with familiar Latin sounds to bring you a spirited evening exploring new territory in diasporic connections. Soy Africano highlights the overlooked history and widespread influence of latin music in West Africa by showcasing the ways in which clave­-based Cuban music and New York Salsa were embraced by Africans, and led to thriving “latin afro” scenes in countries like Senegal, Benin, Guinea and the Congo. 

Produced for Grand Performances by Dexter Story & Radio Afrique (Music Director/Conductor)

Anita Assimwe - Vocals
Bardo Martinez - Vocals, Keyboards
Edgar Modesto - Percussion
Fabio Santana - Trombone
Gabriel Garcia - Guitar
Huit Kilos - Guitar
Jonathan Montes - Keys
Josiel Perez - Trumpet
Kahlil Cummings - Percussion
Lazaro Galarraga - Vocals
Nakeiltha "Nikki" Campbell - Percussion
Randal Fisher - Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Ricardo Lemvo - Vocals
Te'Amir Sweeney - Drums
Thalma de Freitas - Vocals
Tylana Renga - Violin
Wawali - Vocals
Yosmel Montejo - Bass
w/ Special Guests

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Est. 1997. Production house formed by Eric Coleman and B+ (aka Brian Cross).